International release May 2018

North Korea fires nuclear warheads at America and South Korea. The domino-effect is set in play. America instantly deploys its nuclear arsenal and countless millions perish in North Korea under a cloud of nuclear fallout. Shocked by the brutality of the American response, a tidal wave of hatred sweeps across the globe, while China and Russia see the attack as a threat from the West, and prepare their own arsenals. The threads of peace and accord are now shattered as heated passion replaces sanity. As the world stands on the precipice of its worst nightmare, its very destiny in the hands of a handful of less than sane men, scientists suddenly announce that another threat is quickly approaching Earth, and if not stopped, could easily send us back to the Stone Age. Tanner McNeal, and his crew of the Dauntless, return from their extensive Jupiter mission years later, only to discover an entirely different world than the one they had left, one where women have taken over and rebuilt a broken and devastated landscape, and men have been relegated to a sub-class. A surrealistic and yet brutally honest look at the dynamics of the power-structure as it exists today, and how, if not altered, can and will mold our future.