#3 in the Keeno Crime Thrillers

When the body of a young woman shows up in the Soo Locks, it is soon discovered that she is the niece of the Prime Minister of Canada. Keeno McCole and Jake Williams, the RCMP's Anti-Terrorism crime-fighters, are dispatched to Winnipeg to investigate a suspected cult when they are suddenly faced with a hostage crisis and attack on the nation's largest news network. The case soon becomes much more than what it appeared to be. Up against a brilliant sociopath, the investigation goes terribly wrong and Keeno and his team find themselves under attack in ways they would never have thought possible. A twisted thriller to the last page.

Novel #2

"It is a wonderful piece of speculative fiction, clearly inspired by the grand masters of the genre, Asimov, Clarke and Heinlein, where each new page simultaneously takes the reader further out toward the boundaries of the universe and deeper into resolving the mystery of existence."

- Reader review

In 2038, geopolitical powers are on the verge of war, nuclear weapons threaten our very existence and global consumption is depleting the Earth. Several nations band together to launch a mission to colonize the first habitable exoplanet, but no one bothered to ask the obvious question: "Is there someone else there already?" One man is about to find out the truth and what he discovers will change the course of humanity and its role in the Universe.

Novel #1