"Twilight Visitor is a high concept thriller that is comparable with the best of Dan Brown or Jack Higgins."

Novelist - David Luddington

  1. "An Intelligent and thoughtful rollercoaster ride with a rare twist"

  2. "While I am not a 911 conspiracy fan and was distracted by its role in the intro and the plot, I thoroughly enjoyed The Deception People. It is a fascinating blend of political thriller, commentary and out of the box thinking that made this novel stand out from the norm. Fans of Ludlum will find this great work particularly engaging, because of the way that Laplaine has blended current events with fresh thinking in neuroscience and cyber warfare. The last half of the book went especially fast, as the zero day attack approaches and as heroes and villains desperately counter each other until the plot plays out. I am anxiously looking forward to the second book of the series..." Gregory Ness, Author

About the Author

I am an author (eight published books), a business consultant with some thirty years in the management field, and an activist for human rights. My books are a mix of political and dystopian thrillers, crime-fighters and general fiction which pull back the curtain on societal issues while also espousing the undying power of a good dream. There will generally be found a weave, or thread, in each story, which pushes the envelope on mediocrity and offers the reader different perspectives about how we see society and our potential on the stage of life.

Techno-Thriller, THE DECEPTION PEOPLE, by the author of the internatinal thriller, TWILIGHT VISITOR, Réal Laplaine, takes the reader on a thrill ride as one man, through a bizarre out-of-body experience, discovers a plot by high-ranking officials of the US government to launch another "terrorist" 
attack against America in order to fuel their agenda for the war against 
terrorism. He becomes the target of character-assassination, labeling him 
"delusional" and dangerous because of his conspiratorial claims against the 
government and they lock him away in a psychiatric ward. With just a few days 
left until the attack, and only one person in the world who believes him, he 
escapes and becomes the most wanted man in America as he attempts to stop the debacle. THE DECEPTION PEOPLE will not only thrill you but it will make you question 9/11 - and more!


Réal Laplaine

Deception People will make you rethink 9/11

"Laplaine has a good descriptive style that never interferes with the flow of the narrative as he builds highly credible scenarios that give the reader a true feeling that this is all too close for comfort. Highly recommended for readers who like fast paced thrillers but with an ingenious twist."


"Though there are many reasons why Réal Laplaine's writing is so captivating - his sense of bizarre stories, his ability to make the surreal seem more real than our known reality, the underlying philosophical issues about the future of mankind his stories raise, his seeming grasp of the unknown - but chief among the qualities of his success is the eloquence of his manipulation of language."  

Grady Harper - Amazon top reviewer

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Twilight Visitor
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"I definitely recommend "Twilight Visitor" by Réal Laplaine as a five star read to all audiences fond of international political thrillers. Awesome, suspenseful plot that can be described as an out of this world political intrigue!"
Michel Violante for Reader Views