"... this is dystopian sci-fi at its best. Highly recommended."

First there was the colonization of Mars in 2021, then came Earth II. 

In 2038, NASA in a joint venture with other nations, fires a fifty-man crew in the star ship EVOLUTION, on a 27 year journey to reach Earth II, an exo-planet larger than Earth, and hopefully, the new home to mankind. When Captain, Jim Tale wakes up from hyper-sleep, light years from Earth, he soon discovers that his mission parameters are about to change and that all is not well back on Earth as nuclear war looms over the world. A dysfunctional man, haunted by visions of his wife and compelled by a passion to find the truth about existence, Tale, and his closest companion, a cybernetic intelligence called CASS, go up against impossible odds in their quest to find a home for humanity before it is too late - and somewhere, out there in the vast nothingness of space, Jim Tale also hopes to find the answer - was it God, the Big Bang or something else that created the Universe?

      Réal Laplaine 

Author of high-concept thrillers