"It is a wonderful piece of speculative fiction, clearly inspired by the grand masters of the genre, Asimov, Clarke and Heinlein, where each new page simultaneously takes the reader further out toward the boundaries of the universe and deeper into resolving the mystery of existence." Reader review

First there was the colonization of Mars in 2021, then came Earth II. In 2038, NASA, in a joint venture with other nations, fires a fifty-man crew in the star ship Evolution on its 27-year-journey to reach Earth II, an exoplanet larger than Earth, and hopefully, the new home to mankind. When Captain Jim Tale wakes up from hyper-sleep, light years from Earth, he discovers that his mission parameters have changed as nuclear war now looms over the world. Tale and his closest companion, CASS - the most sophisticated cybernetic intelligence in existence, go up against impossible odds, and all the while, Tale is haunted by visions of his dead wife, by the specter of nuclear annihilation back on Earth, and by some cognitive inner sense that compels him to find the answers to questions people have been asking since the dawn of time. Is there really a God that created the whole Universe? Or was it the Big Bang? Or is there another explanation – one just waiting for him to discover? Earth Escape is a space odyssey that truly takes the reader to the very edges of the Universe in this thrilling and mind-bending story that challenges all the paradigms.

      Réal Laplaine