about Réal Laplaine 

I write thrillers, crime thrillers and geopolitical thrillers. In my 
career I have traveled and met and worked with people from many lands. I have had a few adventures along the way. I have chased and tackled a criminal in the middle of Hollywood. I have fought a range fire in California. I have stopped women from being beaten and had a gun aimed at my face for doing it. I have had a knife put to my back while being robbed. I have been surrounded by a gang at night and survived. I have 
pulled injured and unconscious people from a burning car. I have crawled into a burning building to put out a fire, and I have hitchhiked into the Yukon and Alaska - to name a few. I know what it feels like to stand on that precipice, the edge between life and death and the dry-mouthed anxiety and fear about my next minute. I try to convey this sense in my books so that when my readers read the words, they also feel it. My themes are usually contemporary, and while some of my books have a weave which some call “sci-fi”, given the rapid advances in technology in the past several decades, it is only a matter of time before the element of “sci-fi” presented surely becomes abject reality.​