For the most part I write thriller novels which could be called high-concept thrillers or even existential thrillers. While they are thrillers to the bone, they also knock on doors and ask questions about existence, life, who we are and why we are here. My books generally have a thread that runs through them, inviting the reader to look outside the box, maybe even to challenge mediocrity and the world around us - and certainly to spotlight some of the ills which challenge our world.  I have also penned a crime thriller novel series, which I continue to do for reasons explained in this article on my blog; as well as a Literary Fiction entitled See Me Not, a book which I intended to be an ambassador and voice against human trafficking. My main genre, however, remains the high-concept and existential thrillers, because my proclivity and imagination tends to dip into that well. It is my hope that through my writing, I can help raise the threshold of social consciousness in our world so that the future remains bright and expansive and none of us have to return to a scarred and decimated world caused by war and hatred.

about Réal Laplaine