​"The story races along with pace of a Tom Clancy thriller but the depth of the plot is rich in complexities philosophical ideas. Highly recommended for readers who like fast paced thrillers but with an ingenious twist." - Book-Reviewer.com

"I definitely recommend Twilight Visitor by Réal Laplaine as a five star read to all audiences fond of international political thrillers. It has an awesome, suspenseful plot that can be described as an out of this world political intrigue!" - BlogCritics.org

“… a high concept thriller that is comparable with the best of Dan Brown or Jack Higgins.” - Novelist - David Luddington

"In spite of the gruesome subject, the reading is not depressing. Written in elegant prose, it is not only about the ills of humanity, but also about hope and optimism which, as the novella suggests, should be part of our lives no matter what." - Author, Alex Markman

"Calling this book a page-turner does not do it justice. The author takes what WE would all think is impossible and makes it not only possible....but probable.Type your paragraph here." - Reader

​"Intrusion is a novel in the mold of James Bond ... it's an alternative to Cussler..."

"Finally a book that gives a different look at Marilyn, and a happy ending that she rightly deserves!!!!!! The only reason I did not give it 5 stars was the science part of the book, it drugged on a little too long. But in all a Great Book!!!! Marilyn fans if only this was true." - Reader

"If you enjoy science fiction – especially involving space travel in the future – and have ever wondered about the differing opinions on how our universe was created (was it the Big Bang or something else?), I believe you’ll love this book." Herb Baker - retired NASA

​“…this is dystopian sci-f at its best. Highly recommended.” - Reader


A bizarre encounter!  A second chance at life!


Book 1 of the "Out-step Series"

"The "truth" is not always what it seems"

Troy Evans is just a normal guy, living a normal life - except for one thing - he can leave and return to his body whenever he wants to. His whole life, Troy has kept the secret to himself, until one day, during an out-of-body experience, he discovers a plot by high-ranking government officials who are planning an attack on America, under the guise of terrorism. Troy tries to expose them, but is branded insane and locked up. With the clock ticking away toward the apocalypse, Troy must find a way to escape and find help - that is, if anyone will believe him before it is too late.

"If you are familiar with and enjoyed Louise Penny's Three Pines mysteries, you'll love The One." - Russell Warnberg, author of 2064


A Keeno Crime Thriller Novel #2

A 14-year-old girl runs for her life through the cold boreal forest. Men are hunting her down before she can expose them, but when they cross paths with Keeno McCole, the real action begins. In this 2nd novel of the Keeno Crime Thrillers, a human trafficking ring is buying and selling young girls, but what they do to them before selling them to their clients, turns into a nightmare as Keeno and his Canadian crime-fighting team race across the globe to prevent an international pandemic, one that will kill millions. 

"It is very fast paced, full of realistic action, it shows the horrors of our today world with an insight and intelligence difficult to find elsewhere and it is crude and brutal at times, but it's inherent hope for a better world and the good guys winning the day completely won my heart. I LOVE KEENO!!!" - Reader


A Paranormal Thriller

"Hollywood's legendary blonde returns from the grave!"

A gardener at the Westwood Memorial Park Cemetery shockingly finds Marilyn Monroe's tomb 
empty one morning. It sparks an investigation to find who stole her remains. Meanwhile, a local astrophysicist discovers another cause for the strange occurrence, a solar flare which swept over Los Angeles that morning, which shifted the curtain of time. Now, 50 years after her death, Marilyn is actually walking the streets of Los Angeles. Alive and just as beautiful as the day she died, she is confused and alone - but she soon finds out where she is, and when, and she sets herself on a mission to expose the truth about her death and those behind it. A story about Marilyn unlike any you have read before.


"Hope never dies!"

Eight year-old Hann’sha is sold to human traffickers and for the next four years she lives a life of forced sexual slavery, until one day, a man shows up and takes on the criminal underworld to try and free her. This is a story about integrity, courage and principle in the face of immense evil and corruption.

EARTH ESCAPE - An Existential Thriller

"Someone is waiting for us at the edge of the Universe"

With nuclear war looming and population explosion depleting the Earth, a coalition of space agencies, launch the Evolution, the largest star ship ever conceived, on a 27-year trek to an exoplanet, 1400 light-years away, and hopefully, the new home to man. Jim Tale, the intrepid Captain, and his Ai companion, CASS, encounter incredible odds, events that no one could have foreseen in this epic space odyssey to save mankind before it disappears under a cloud of nuclear fall-out. Haunted by his past and compelled by an obsession to know the truth about existence, was it God or the Big Bang, Jim Tale pushes the envelope and what he finds shakes all the paradigms.

“The Buffalo Kid,” is tremendous.” 
“It was impossible to stop reading once I picked it up…”
"You'll want to reread this one after finishing it. Yes, it is that good."

71 year-old John Ross, aka the Buffalo Kid, the oldest homeless destitute in his city, is walking the streets one cold and blustery night. His stomach is growling at him as he hasn't eaten in over a day. 
He sees a man approaching and asks for a handout. The stranger puts a $50 bill in his hand and walks away. Intrigued by his generosity, the Kid follows him and discovers that the stranger is actually an off-
worlder, an alien, who has come to Earth to test mankind. The Buffalo Kid is suddenly cast in a collaborative role with the visitor, a thrill-ride, one that challenges him like never before, and one which 
inspires an entire nation.

"A thriller to the end, The One will satiate even the pickiest of crime novel readers." - Red City Review


A geopolitical and existential thriller!

For years, the global manufacturing giant, China, pushed its resources to the limit, until it became clear that without more oil to maintain their manufacturing infrastructure and a burgeoning population, they would face implosion and civil disorder on a mass scale. When negotiations with Iran, to pipeline more oil to China, goes awry, China launches an overwhelming military strike to commandeer the oil fields - believing that no other nation will come to Iran's aid. Three days into the assault, a desperate Iranian leader issues China an ultimatum, stop the invasion or face a nuclear strike. China dismisses the threat as a hoax and presses on. When the nuclear warhead finally spears into the sky on a trajectory for Beijing, and as the Chinese ballistic defense system fails to stop it, the world stands still. In just eight minutes, the time it takes for the missile to span the Asian continent, world leaders are helpless to do anything, and meanwhile North Korea shackles America by threatening them with nuclear reprisal if they interfere. As the global stage is set for World War III, Mateus Cordozo, a bio-engineer who is vacationing on a desolate beach in Portugal, finds himself sharing a bottle of wine with an oddly beautiful and strange woman who shockingly informs him of the impending debacle, and tells him that he and his team alone, possess the means of preventing it from happening. Daunted by both incredulity and his own haunting mid-life crisis, Mateus refuses to accept any of it. As the clock ticks down on Earth, and as Serena desperately tries to convince him to act in time, the world prepares for the inevitable - nuclear war.

"Riveting from beginning to end, make sure you set aside a weekend once you start reading.”  - Eric Richard Dallaire - author of Shades: The Gehenna Dilemma

"Deception People is gripping right from the start - hard to put down. The author has an amazing perception of what is going on in the world today. it is a work of fiction but so close to reality that it is disturbing. it causes one to be alert to what is really going on in our world. Excellent read. Looking forward to his next book. i have read most of the books by this author and sincerely enjoy them all." - Reader

See Me Not is the ambassadorial voice for Behind Closed Doors, an initiative to raise awareness about human trafficking in our world. Proceeds go toward fighting sex trafficking.


"A dream to reunite ABBA sparks a global event!"

An inspiring story about having an "impossible" dream, one which no one believes can be accomplished, and following it in spite of all the reasons not to. An eleven year-old boy, inspired in his life by the pop-band, ABBA, runs away from his home in America and makes it to Sweden where he seeks out Agnetha Faltskog, one of the band members, to convince her to get the band back together for one more concert. While police in both countries are searching for him, Morie faces impossible odds and along the way, he touches the hearts of those who find his passion intoxicating. This is a heart-warming 
story about dreaming big and coming of age.

“An absolute must for any ABBA fan,as beguiling as it is well-written,involving one fan's dogged determination to bring to fruition that which will never happen... An ABBA reunion.Just buy it boys and girls!” – Reader

The One 

Canada's toughest crime-fighter goes into action - again!

The One - the 3rd novel in the Keeno Crime Thrillers, takes Keeno McCole and his RCMP crime-fighting team into the maws of dangerous cult and domestic terrorism spreading across Canada. Keeno faces his greatest challenge when the tables are turned on him in ways he could never have imagined. A thriller to the last page.​


A Keeno Crime Thriller Novel #1

Keeno McCole, Canada's toughest crime fighter and head of the RCMP Anti-Terrorism-Unit, and his team, take on a vicious and potent viral attack on Toronto, one which kills tens of thousands and threatens to destabilize the entire nation. In a death-defying race against time to stop the spreading pathogen and countless thousands more deaths in Canada and the USA, they discover that the virus is just a stage for something far worse to come, a plot that would change the very foundation of society.