"If you enjoy science fiction – especially involving space travel in the future – and have ever wondered about the differing opinions on how our universe was created (was it the Big Bang or something else?), I believe you’ll love this book." Herb Baker - retired NASA


"A second chance at life turns into a bizarre thriller!"

A 71 year-old homeless man, hungry and cold, meets a stranger who hands him a $50 bill. Shocked by his generosity, the Buffalo Kid follows the stranger and enters into a bizarre and thrilling world as he becomes part of an experiment to test the human race.​


Book 1 of the "Out-step Series"

"The "truth" is not always what it seems"

Troy Evans, just a normal guy who is starting out his career as a graphic-designer, mistakenly comes across a plot one day, one that shakes him, as he listens in as several men detail a plan to launch a massive nation-wide cyber-attack against America. Troy tries to expose the cabal but is instantly seized upon by federal agents and soon finds himself locked up in a psychiatric ward with a diagnosis of extreme-delusion-disorder. With just days before the attack, Troy desperately tries to convince his psychiatrist that he is not insane, that he did in fact listen in on a meeting with several high-ranking officials of the US government who were planning the attack, and that in fact, he overheard every detail while outside his body. Naturally, she sees his claim as further proof of his delusional state of mind until one day, Troy proves to her that his out-of-body experiences are real and that every word of what he has been saying is true. Deception People will thrill you to the end and make you ask questions about who we are, and moreover, the questionable “truth” about such terrorist attacks as 9/11.

​"The story races along with pace of a Tom Clancy thriller but the depth of the plot is rich in complexities philosophical ideas. Highly recommended for readers who like fast paced thrillers but with an ingenious twist." - Book-Reviewer.com
"I definitely recommend Twilight Visitor by Réal Laplaine as a five star read to all audiences fond of international political thrillers. It has an awesome, suspenseful plot that can be described as an out of this world political intrigue!" - BlogCritics.org
“… a high concept thriller that is comparable with the best of Dan Brown or Jack Higgins.” - Novelist - David Luddington

"In spite of the gruesome subject, the reading is not depressing. Written in elegant prose, it is not only about the ills of humanity, but also about hope and optimism which, as the novella suggests, should be part of our lives no matter what." - Author, Alex Markman


A Keeno Crime Thriller Novel #1

INTRUSION is the first book in the Keeno Crime Thrillers novels, action-driven-stories based on high-concept themes. Keeno McCole, the central figure in this series, discovers at the age of four that there are monsters in the world, when a man brutally beats and tries to strangle his own mother in front of his eyes. Keeno grabs a pair of kitchen scissors, stabs the attacker and barely saves his mother from a gruesome death. The experience forces a young boy to mature beyond his age. By his seventh birthday, Keeno can shoot a gun as good or better than most, and moreover, he can throw a knife and land it with deadly accuracy. McCole sets himself on the road to fight crime. His unique personality and his tenacious, though reckless obsession to stop the criminal element will keep you riveted to the end.

"Calling this book a page-turner does not do it justice. The author takes what WE would all think is impossible and makes it not only possible....but probable.Type your paragraph here." - Yankeelin


A Keeno Crime Thriller Novel #2

Human traffickers get in the cross-hairs of Keeno McCole's gun. In this second novel in the Keeno Crime Thrillers, a corporation buys a thousand young girls from the human trafficking pipeline and injects them with an experimental nanotech-virus, one designed to change their physical anatomy. The experiment goes terribly wrong and now threatens the world population. Keeno and his team must race across the globe in pursuit of the man who holds the key and to stop the epidemic before it becomes a full-blown world-wide pandemic.

"It is very fast paced, full of realistic action, it shows the horrors of our today world with an insight and intelligence difficult to find elsewhere and it is crude and brutal at times, but it's inherent hope for a better world and the good guys winning the day completely won my heart. I LOVE KEENO!!!" - Ana

"It was everything I love in a story. Compelling characters that you could identify with. Significant social commentary. And a message of ultimate hope and faith in humanity. It had all the hall marks of great science fiction. Yet I wouldn't call it science fiction. Sure there was an alien, a spaceship and a ray-gun -- but they really were just a great story telling device. The story was about real people in extraordinary circumstances.I have just discovered my next favorite author." Tommy Ray

"Finally a book that gives a different look at Marilyn, and a happy ending that she rightly deserves!!!!!! The only reason I did not give it 5 stars was the science part of the book, it drugged on a little too long. But in all a Great Book!!!! Marilyn fans if only this was true." - DJ

"Deception People is gripping right from the start - hard to put down. The author has an amazing perception of what is going on in the world today. it is a work of fiction but so close to reality that it is disturbing. it causes one to be alert to what is really going on in our world. Excellent read. Looking forward to his next book. i have read most of the books by this author and sincerely enjoy them all." - Elaine


A Paranormal Thriller

"Hollywood's legendary blonde returns from the grave!"

A powerful solar flare erupts from the sun one night, passing through a cosmic anomaly as it streaks toward Earth. The ensuing energy-wave passes directly across Los Angeles before disappearing over the Pacific Ocean. The next morning, strange and bizarre incidents are being reported all over the city. An elderly woman steps from her room only to discover her cat, buried years before, sitting on her kitchen table and purring. A man walks into his garage and finds a part of his beloved car which was scrapped decades before, lying on the ground in mint condition.  In a cemetery, a famous and much visited crypt starts to rattle and shake, and a blond, still wearing the very dress she was buried in, emerges and slumps to the ground, confused and shocked, Marilyn walks the early morning streets of Los Angeles, as people gawk at her likeness to the beloved Hollywood icon, until she meets someone, someone who reveals to her that it is not 1962, but in fact, the Millennium. Dead but not Gone is a thriller with a somewhat romantic and comedic edge, as Hollywood’s poster girl tries to navigate her new and strange life. Her open crypt and missing body sets off alarms and people are already on her trail. Moreover, Marilyn comes to realize that countless books and tabloids, published since her death in 1962, have claimed suicide as the cause. Angered and determined to put the world straight about how she died and who murdered her, she writes a memoir detailing everything, and plans to publish it. Things don’t go quite as planned – because in Marilyn’s case, the truth can kill - again!


An Existential Thriller

"Someone is waiting for us at the edge of the Universe"

In 2038, geopolitical powers are on the verge of war, nuclear weapons threaten our very existence and global consumption is depleting the Earth. Several nations band together to launch a mission to colonize the first habitable exoplanet, but no one bothered to ask the obvious question: "Is there someone else there already?" One man is about to find out the truth and what he discovers will change the course of humanity and its role in the Universe.


"Hope never dies!"

Based on very real-children living in poverty in India today, SEE ME NOT is a literary fiction which follows a young eight-year-old who has been sold into prostitution by her own father. At the age of twelve, now four years as a sex slave, young Hann’sha has no hope of escaping her traffickers, and like so many others in her plight, she will probably die young and penniless from disease or physical abuse. One day, an American college student, on vacation in Calcutta, is taken into a home of depravity where adult men sexually abuse and rape these young girls, and he meets Hann’sha. Shocked by what he sees he tries to expose the sordid business to local police who merely turn a blind eye. Determined to free Hann’sha he concocts a daring plan and with the help of one young Indian police officer who empathizes with the fate of these girls, they go about trying to free her. See Me Not is a thriller based on the actual reality of the sex-trafficking industry which exists in our world and which forces young children and women into sexual servitude by the tens of thousands every year. See Me Not was intended as a voice for those who do not have one, who are trapped and who live in a nightmarish prison controlled by traffickers who have given slavery a whole new meaning.


A geopolitical and existential thriller!

As a brutal war erupts on the other side of the globe, Mateus Cordozo, a bio-engineer, unaware that the conflict is rapidly approaching a melting point, is vacationing in his hometown of Afife, Portugal. He's trying to find balance again, some sense of meaning in his life, so he leaves everything in his hotel room, buys a bottle of wine, some cheese and a pack of cigarettes and sits alone on a desolate and blustery beach as far away from people as he possibly can. His solitude is broken when a strange and beautiful woman comes along and suddenly changes everything. Mateus soon discovers that their meeting was not by chance, and that she has come to show him how he can and must play a critical role in stopping the imminent global nuclear debacle that is only hours away from happening; moreover, she reveals things to him which will alter the course of humanity.

See Me Not is the ambassadorial voice for Behind Closed Doors, an initiative to raise awareness about human trafficking in our world. Proceeds go toward fighting sex trafficking.

The One 

Canada's toughest crime-fighter goes into action - again!

Canada's toughest crime-fighter, Keeno McCole, and his RCMP team, take on a sociopathic cult-leader and domestic terrorism which strikes Toronto, Halifax and Winnipeg - leaving a trail of dead bodies in its path. The One is the 3rd novel in this iconic high-concept Canadian crime fighter series.

"If you are familiar with and enjoyed Louise Penny's Three Pines mysteries, you'll love The One." - Russell Warnberg, author of 2064

"A thriller to the end, The One will satiate even the pickiest of crime novel readers." - Red City Review


"A dream to reunite ABBA sparks a global event!"

Eleven year old Morie Norris discovers a band on the internet, called ABBA, which has been off the circuit for thirty years and which, according to its members, will never come back together again. Inspired by the group, Morie decides to become a musician and to bring the band out of retirement. He runs away from his troubled and violent home in America, makes it to Sweden with police in both countries searching for him, and finds his way to Agnetha Fältskog, the iconic blond singer - and now his real mission begins - convincing the band to perform that very weekend for the whole world.

“An absolute must for any ABBA fan,as beguiling as it is well-written,involving one fan's dogged determination to bring to fruition that which will never happen... An ABBA reunion.Just buy it boys and girls!” – Book reviewer