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​Many copies ofSEE ME NOT have already been given away for free to people around the world, and/or donated to non-profits around the globe, those who are fighting to expose and stop human trafficking. It is our goal to give away tens of thousands of copies in order to raise awareness and inspire more voices to speak up.


The author also works in collaboration with RealStars a European Non-Profit which works with other European agencies, governments and law enforcement to raise awareness on sex trafficking in Europe and to introduce initiatives to eliminate it. RealStars works to introduce the Swedish model whereby Swedish law enforcement criminalizes the Johns and the pimps, and not the victims of trafficking. He has done lectures and talks at the Swedish Human Trafficking Day as well as other venues, talking about his book and  spotlighting the issue of human trafficking, Go HERE to see more about RealStars.

Behind Closed Doorsis an initiative to help raise awareness about sex trafficking. The ambassador for this initiative is the book SEE ME NOT  a story about sex trafficking of a young girl, her battle and one man's mission to save her. It is a compelling story with a message of hope.

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The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) released A Global Report on Trafficking in Persons, based on information gathered from 155 nations, showing that 79% of global human trafficking is for sexual exploitation, predominantly women and girls. Some 20% of sex trafficking victims are children, and in some areas of the world children represent upwards of 100%. According to this report by the UN, roughly 18% of trafficking victims are in forced labor. It is, of course, difficult to say how many people are trafficked globally each year, for obvious reasons, but it is estimated to be in the millions and  there is no doubt that this industry of modern-day slavery generates BILLIONS of dollars for traffickers; making human trafficking (mostly sex trafficking) one of the largest illicit industries in the world. Numbers aside, we are talking about human beings, mostly women, girls and children, who have been caught in a spider's net of exploitation, where they are forced by various means to engage in modern-day slavery. 

What inspired SEE ME NOT?

In 2005, while overseeing teams of volunteers in areas affected by the 2004 Tsunami, the author, Réal Laplaine, was sent photos of a 6 year-old girl, and her one year-old brother, found living in a ditch in Calcutta, India. Their destitution was quickly transformed by the team which provided food, shelter, clothing and started the girl in a local school, but the image of that child left a deep impact on the author. Years later, he researched what happens to  ​destitute children in India, and was appalled to discover that many become the victims of sex trafficking. The book,SEE ME NOT, is inspired by that girl, her courage and her resilience to endure impossible odds and the facts presented in the story, are based on reality - not fiction.

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