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My name is Réal Laplaine. I was born and raised in Canada. Over thirty years of my career, mostly in Los Angeles, was spent working in management, as an organizational specialist, in human resources and as pro-recruiter. In recent years I relocated to Sweden. 

I have published eleven novels internationally - several of them are series novels. I write existential thrillers which cover topical issues in geopolitical, crime and sci-fi arenas. 

My most recent book is entitled WomanEX - a thriller which exposes the ills of a male-dominated society in our world today. 

See Me Not, another of my books, reveals the reality of life for a young girl caught in the web of human trafficking - a story inspired by reality, not fiction. This book sparked the creation of an innitiave called Behind Closed Doors, which provides free copies of See Me Not to individuals, NGOs, Non-Profits and schools around the globe to help raise awareness on the issue. More about this can be seen HERE.

I created Writers Inspiring Change, an international platform which spotlights inspiring authors from around the world. More about this can be seen HERE.

I am happy to provide talks to groups, venues or schools.

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Goteborg, Sweden: Speaking on human sex-trafficking.

Stockholm, Sweden: European Human Trafficking Day 

Goteborg, Sweden; The Swedish Book Fair

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